BM-4 Liquid – working fluid concentrated

BM-4 Liquid – working fluid concentrated

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Product name: BM-4 Liquid – working fluid concentrated

Packing: 5L/barrel, 6 barrels per case(46.5*33.5*34.5cm)

Application: apply to CNC wire cutting EDM machines. Suitable to cut the thicker work pieces with better finish, high efficiency, Eco-friendly and water base solution.

Use method:

  1. Before use, please thoroughly clean the cooling system with mixed fluid. It is better to open and clean the pump. Please don’t rinse with water directly.
  2. The mix ratio 1:25-30L.
  3. When the water levels fail, please add new fluid to the tank. Make sure using the mixed fluid.
  4. When working a long time, please change fluid in time. This can guarantee machining precision.
  5. If keep the work piece for a short time, please dry it. For a long time, please use BM-50 rust-proofing.


  1. Ordinary tap or purity water can be used to mix with the working fluid. Don’t use the well water, hard water, unclean water or other mixture. The purified water is recommended.
  2. Before completion of processing, please use magnet to hold down the work piece.
  3. If installing filterable water-cycling system or filter in work table and water tank inlet, the working fluid will be much cleaner and the use life will be longer.


  1. Store it in cool place and keep away from the children.
  2. In case of contact with eyes or mouth rinse immediately with plenty of water.
  3. Please wear the rubber glove in case the operator’s hand is hurt or allergy.

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