2020 Year End Summary

Recently, the company held an internal meeting to summarize the sales situation of the company this year, look forward to the market next year, and discuss the main products of the company next year.

Affected by covid-19 this year, the company’s sales volume did not increase significantly compared with last year, and the overall level was the same as last year. There is no substantial replacement for the main products launched by that company. The three best-selling products are still EDM brass wire(CuZn37), EDM spare parts (especially Charmilles) and Ion Exchange Resin. In particular, the sales volume of EDM spare parts increased by 35.73% this year. Among the groups placing orders, new customers accounted for 43.3%. This shows that our products have also shown a leading role in the industry. Old customers trust us and are satisfied with our products, so they buy back. New customers find us from online channels to buy products from us. From this, we can see that the quality of our parts is very good. This is not our boasting. Many customers who buy products from our company give us satisfactory feedback. Even this year, we have not been involved in any disputes (in terms of product quality).

Well, next year, we will continue to promote our main products, update our consumables products, and vigorously promote our other consumables, such as coated wire, EDM filter and Chemical solution. We hope that our products can occupy a certain market and increase sales next year. In addition, our company plans to participate in the emo exhibition to be held in Milan, Italy, in September next year, so as to learn from the world’s top manufacturers, dealers and high-quality customers, update products in time, improve product quality, and how to publicize our products more widely, so that more people can know about our products.



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Post time: Dec-02-2020
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