Phosphor Bronze Wire

Phosphor Bronze Wire

Phosphor Bronze Wire
●Chemical Composition: 2-8%Sn, 0.1-0.4%P, Cu+Sn+P≥99.5%.
●Alloy No.:
GB: QSn10-1, QSn6.5-0.1, QSn7-0.2, QSn8-0.3, QSn4-0.3, QSn4-3….
DIN: CuSn4, CuSn5, CuSn6, CuSn8….
JIS: C5111, C5101, C5191, C5210….
ASTM: C51100, C51000, C51900, C52100….
ASTM: C51100, C51000, C51900, C52100….
●Diameter: 0.1-1.2mm
●Characteristic: High strength, hardness and elasticity; excellent spring properties; good resistance to
corrosion, wear and fatigue.
●Application: Electrical contacts, musical strings, brushes, spring, fasteners, clips, switch components, and cold headed screws, rivets bolts, welding rods, wire cloths, spectacle frames.
●100% traceability of each spool of wire produced.
●Total in-house inspection guarantees product quality.

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Technical Specification


Product Core Material Coating Material Tensile Strength Conductivity Color
Phosphor Bronze Wire as per demand None 1000N/mm2 19%IACS Bright Light Red

Unit: kg

Ø (mm) 0.1 0.15 0.20  0.25 0.30 
Ø (inch) 0.004 0.006 0.008 0.01 0.012
P3     3 3 3
P5     5/6 5/6 5/6
P10     10 10 10
P15       20 20
DIN125     3.5 3.5 3.5
DIN160     7/8 7/8 7/8
DIN200       15/16 15/16
DIN250       25 25

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