Water-Soluble WEDM Concentrate DIC-206

Water-Soluble WEDM Concentrate DIC-206

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Packing: 10KG per bottle

Application: This is a kind of concentration which is compounded water-soluble substances. Add 5.5 times diluted with water to be brisk walking water soluble cutting fluid. It is a kind of brand-new environmental product, which has no nitrite, diethanol amine. DIC-206 is suitable for all kinds of conductive material wire cutting, for example, die steel, high carbon steel, hard alloy, nickel alloy, titanium alloy, Cu, Al, Mg and other semiconductor material. It also has good performance when cutting some special material about W, molybdenum tungsten.

Feature: DIC-206 is more environmental, clean, and safe and has no bad for skin than other traditional emulsion cutting fluid. DIC-206 has long time limited, and it could be long run circulate usage when it has normal maintenance. There is no black sticky attachment on the cutting surface (has no need to wash with mineral spirits). DIC-206 has good performance to protect the non-ferrous alloy from rusting. It is suitable for different kinds of material and has stable processing.

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