DX-1 WEDM Concentrate

DX-1 WEDM Concentrate

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Product name: DX-1 WEDM Concentrate

Packing: 18L per metal bucket

Product usage and performance:

DX-1 potassium oleate soap emulsion is an ideal working fluid for CNC wire cutting machine. It can also be used for grinding and grinding. In addition to good washing, cooling and lubricating effects, this product also has special functions such as arc extinguishing, rust removal, de-freeing, dielectric strength and prevention of broken wires. It not only improves the smoothness of the machined workpiece, but also significantly improves the efficiency of wire cutting and extends the life of the machine.


  1. This working fluid is non-toxic and easy to use. The commonly used concentration is 1:10-12. Pour the emulsion before use, and then add ordinary tap water in one time (hard water such as well water is strictly forbidden), and stir while adding. Stir well and use.
  2. When this product is used for grinding machine, it is in the same way as the above-mentioned wire-cutting machine, and the concentration is 1:20-25.
  3. This product is better when mixed with the company’s DX-4 type, but it must be diluted according to the original ratio and then mixed at the time of use.

Period of use:

Take 8 hours as a shift, 10 shifts can be used continuously. The quantity for one single shift of wire cutting machine machining is about 6~10 kg per month.


  1. It must be stored in a special sealed container and placed in a cool and dry place. The preservation period is half a year.
  2. Do not mix with other sundries or waste liquid during storage and use.

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