Ningbo De-Shin Industrial Co., Ltd, also known as Ningbo De-Shin Precision Alloy CO., Ltd, founded in 2008, is one of the best and most devoted EDM wire manufacturers in China with annual production capacity 4000 tons. At present, we are selling around 200 tons EDM wire per month, 50% for China domestic market and 50% for overseas market, including most Europe countries, southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, Newzealand, Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, etc. We’ve established solid business partnership with customers from over 50 countries.

We produce high quality plain EDM brass wire CuZn37 & CuZn40, zinc coated wire and annealed coated wire in all spool types with most strict quality control system. All EDM wire produced for export must pass through rigorous OQC test to ensure superior quality performance.

Na elu àgwà ọkọlọtọ, ọtụtụ asọmpi price, ngwa ngwa nnyefe na-eju afọ ọrụ, Ningbo De-Shin kwesịrị gị ezigbo EDM waya soplaya.


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